At C BUTT LTD we care passionately about our planet. As such, we are proud to adopt an environmentally responsible approach. We work proactively locally and nationally to minimise the impact of our transport and warehousing operations.

Minimising Impact, Maximising Benefits...

The Senior Management Team is committed to limiting our effect on the environment. We also take every opportunity to maximise the benefits that our commitment to sustainability can provide for our organisation and for our customers.

In recent years, we have implemented a number of initiatives to support the delivery of environmentally friendly transport and warehousing.

Transport and the Environment


  • Introduced an innovative fleet design policy to optimise load-fill and reduce transportation and carbon emissions.
  • Have been a collaborative member with HMM of the global “Clean Cargo Working Group”, and participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
  • The impact of emissions plays a key role in the choice of fleet vehicles.

Warehousing and the Environment


  • Introduced solar technology and PIR / LED lighting at our premises to cut energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Installed rain water harvesting technology to save water by making better use natural resources.