September 2016

Kelvin Childs returns as Brackmills Transport Manager.

After time away, Kelvin has returned to the C BUTT LTD team as Transport Manager for Central Operations. Kelvin is well known to all and will now take responsibility for the Northampton and Kettering operations, working closely with customers and workforce alike to ensure a top class service for all.


Greenmill Air Conditioning parts are moving closer to expanding into the new 13,500sqft of dedicated space within SUDC Warehouse at Brackmills. After a period of initial business with C BUTT LTD, Greenmill have extended the working relationship for another 3 years to include a partially racked dedicated area. This will provide better efficiencies for the contract and further allow Greenmill to build on its steady growth in the midlands and further afield.


C BUTT LTD are happy to welcome Clenergy Europe to SUDC warehouse.

Clenergy Europe make and supply solar panel technology worldwide. C BUTT LTD store and transport to various points within the UK.


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